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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Getting the Message Out On a Health Care Topic

It's important to get your message out to people. That message can be to
  1. announce a new drug/device, 
  2. promote a health care service, 
  3. reinforce the value of an existing brand or 
  4. change behaviors toward more healthy alternatives. 
In the next few blogs I'm going to look at the challenge of messaging as related to health care. The blogs will be divided by traditional media outlets. For each I have divided them into the term I will use in the blogs and in parenthesis "what they used to be called".
  1. aural-only messaging (radio)
  2. video (television)
  3. news summary (newsprint)
  4. articles (magazines)
  5. pass-by experiences (outdoor advertising) 
A discussion of digital marketing strategy in healthcare will grow from this analysis. So wait for that; it's coming later.

It helps to first start with a clear and concise guide to what makes a good strategy. The Effie Awards provide the following advice from the Jury deciding the best in advertising:
  • Build a clear, simple narrative.
  • Be concise
  • Storytelling is important
  • Make it easy, enjoyable and entertaining
It sounds easy but over the next few blogs we'll see how it is rare to find efforts that combine these elements.

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