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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Before you Start

Any business idea starts with your values and is limited by your personality.


  • Do you care if the product causes harm to people? If not then selling tobacco is a great idea.
  • Do you like things that pull people together? Perhaps a restaurant.
  • Is healthy food your passion?
  • Is being super fit important to you?
  • Do you love the outdoors and nature? Is sustainability a word you use frequently?
  • Do you seek out sleek and efficient solutions?
  • Is your primary goal to make as much money as you can and become rich?
  • Do you love technology? Do you seek out and have the latest gadgets?

    Personality Factors. Are you:
    • a loner? Do you resonate with people who like to be quiet and thoughtful?
    • the life of the party? Do you like to be at the center of large conversation?
    • comfortable on stage? Is it important to be adored by people?
    • neat and tidy? Do you like simple and elegant solutions?
    • impatient? Do you want things to be quicker?
    • a great leader? Do all kinds of people follow you?
    • a coach? Are you better with one to one coaching or a team? How big?
    • a caregiver? Is taking care of people and helping them your passion?
    If your business eventual business idea violates your values and doesn't fit your personality you may end up creating a monster and drags you down and leaves you empty - even if it succeeds.

    So write down your values and describe your personality first. These are constraints to your potential entrepreneurship.

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