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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Efficiently Creating a Viable Business (655-1)

In the next few blogs, I am going to simultaneously utilize and lay out a strategy to create a viable business that you want to run and meets your personal objectives.

Ideal Customer: If you want to start up a new business that is profitable and sustainable in the long term then you are are the ideal customer for this blog

Problem: Creating a viable business consistent with your value system is a novel challenge, time-consuming, and potentially expensive. The folks who propose to help or guide you
  • tell it will take a long time
  • profit from their providing advice
  • are based on business creation models that are likely to be out of date or out of sync with current trends
  • are unlikely to share your value system and may guide to create a company you don't want to create.
Competition: Everyone in the "business" of helping people create a viable business is more concerned with the profit of their business than creating a simple solution for you. Business is business and this business of helping you create a company is no different.
  • MBA programs sell MBAs. They all take 10+ courses and extract from $10K to $150K from you or your company. What would be the logic of making it easy?
  • Others sell books, online courses, or worse yet "consulting services"? If it were straightforward who would buy their product? Look at any website that offers "free advice" and you will rapidly see a business model behind that website.
  • Boot camps are fashionable. You remember going to a camp when you were young. It was either miserable or a blast, but it is memorable. And those folks get a piece of your company.
  • Incubators too want a piece of the action.
  • How about angels, they are here to help right? Nope, they want a return or a piece too.
  • VCs have a hoard of cash to spend. Do you really think VCs are going to hunt through every idea with the same amount of care? They are busy people too.
  • Bankers. They are the only dispassionate people out there. They don't want your money and they don't want to own your company. How much are they willing to help you? No much. Sure they will give you money if you give them access to your house value.
So "start your business" advice is not freely given. The goal of any organization that tries to help you launch your company is to make money or own a piece of your idea. And the advice product is not cheap.

Solution: Rapid Startup Design - Rapid design of a customer experience focused business

It's time to release a FAOS "freely available open source" solution for the task of showing people how to create a viable business that they want to run and which meets their goals.

Why Rapid?

By the time you are done, the business opportunity will probably have ended and your idea isn't viable anymore. And you will have given up your money and time. In essence, the value of your idea decays over time. Your best opportunity is right now, so get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

Is this freely available strategy "effort free"?

As everyone knows, nothing is really "free" and all of the above aren't free of effort either. The main value of all of the above is that they force you to follow a plan and be structured.

As an example, the MBA will make you listen, learn, take action, submit, review, and get your degree. The training will likely bomb halfway if you lack the drive to make a lifestyle change, commit to a long-term plan, and stay focused.

This solution is like losing weight. It takes a lifestyle change, long-term commitment, and focus. So if you are not ready to make a lifestyle change, long-term commitment, and stay focused then stop now. Don't delude yourself that the above solutions or any strategy will give you those qualities.

But if you have a self-control to make a lifestyle change, commit to a long-term plan, and the ability to stay focused, then this strategy is for you.

For the entrepreneur in you, read on to the next blog.


  1. Hi Brad,
    I did enjoy reviewing your blog. I agree where people must remember that an Angel Investor is not there to help but to get a return. Now keeping that in mind sometimes having an Angel Investor that is investing in you because they did this successfully before and might help you become successful sooner is the best Angle out there.
    Knowing you must be in this venture for the long hall which will create a life change for you is one step closer to knowing you will succeed where others might have just given up.
    Mary Schuler

    1. Agreed. One reason why I like the rapid approach is it helps people focus on the reality that what they're creating is a business. If from the beginning people realize that it's a business then they will understand the motivation of angels as well as the potential value.