Steps in the Rapid Startup Design Strategy to Create a Viable Company (655-2)

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Monday, April 2, 2018

#2: Define a Problem Worth Solving (655-3)

Rapid Startup Design Process: Review Steps

If you want to launch your startup, efficiency is key.
  • Why waste time pursuing a bad idea that no one wants? 
  • Why pursue a good idea that no one wants to pay for? 
  • Why fix a problem that people see but which you won't address? 
In the next few posts, I'll discuss a logical strategy to guide you as you pursue your potential startup.

To get started, write down the problem for an individual. __________________

This is a problem that a person has, right? Don't list a problem for "people" or "society." Groups and institutions don't buy products, people do.

Then consider doing a simple "Problem Interview" with someone who you believe is in your target audience:
  1. Create a story for a persona. "I know this person, Jack, who is struggling with ___. What would you do?"
  2. See if the problem/challenge resonates with your interviewee. 
    1. NO? Perhaps that person isn't your target. Try someone else. 
    2. Still NO? Seems like you perceive a problem that others don't.
  3. YES! What part of it resonates? Define the top three problems in additional detail
  4. Ask them, "Are they doing anything to solve the problem today?"
    1. NO? Perhaps it isn't a problem
    2. YES! You are on your way!

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